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What's a Starter Herd?

Every fall we look forward to putting together Starter Herds for people interested in raising bison. Some of our customers are brand new to raising bison while others are wanting to expand their herds with different genetics. Raising Starter Herds is Back Forty Bison's primary business focus. When we entered the bison industry, we quickly realized how helpful it was to have experienced producers willing to let us tour their operation and answer questions. We still believe this is an important step in anyone deciding to raise bison. You should visit as many ranches as you can and ask lots of questions to lots of different producers. The bison industry has some of the most friendly and helpful folks you will ever find!

And when your questions are answered and you think you are ready, we are happy to help you get things kicked off by providing a Back Forty Bison Starter Herd. All our herd bulls are National Bison Association Gold Trophy winners from well respected bison producers. They are paired with cows from bison operations located in several states across the United States. And we recently acquired a set of heifers from Wolverine Bison in Saskatchewan Canada that should be producing calves by 2023. Our goal is to be able to assemble a group of top notch animals and assist you in the process of raising bison by providing ongoing support. We certainly may not have all the answers but we are prolific networkers and can usually work with you to find answers to whatever questions come up after the sale. Our goal is to not just sell you a Starter Herd, but partner with you in an ongoing relationship in one of the most rewarding endeavors you will ever engage in - raising bison!

So, what's a Starter Herd? We basically have three different options.

1. The Bison Experience: This herd begins with a Basic Starter Herd, along with a one year membership in the National Bison Association and a state or regional association of your choice. Along with these memberships, we will include one year of ranch tele-support via phone and/or email. The Bison Experience also includes free delivery within a 250 mile radius of our ranch and a “ranch readiness” visit upon delivery. Delivery beyond that radius is also available for a standard transport fee.

2. Basic Starter Herd: This herd is a great way to jump start your bison operation. We offer a bull calf and a group of heifer calves of separate genetics to get you on the road to establishing a small herd of quality animals. Delivery available for extra fee.

3. BISON à la carte: The option of purchasing any number of animals with your choice of available parentage. This is a great way to add animals to an existing herd!

All animals will be vet inspected, vaccinated, and farm tagged. Bull calves will have Federal ID bands or RFID tags and heifer calves will have OCV identification or Brucellosis OCV RFID tags prior to delivery or pick up. Pricing is based on market every year so just call 417-995-4485 or email to get more information or this year's pricing.


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